“Say what you do, then do what you say.” For over four decades, we’ve literally helped build the community around this philosophy.

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We started out as Bob Simonson Builder in 1974. By the early to mid-80s, we were building significant residential projects and light commercial work.

In order to meet growing demands for services, the company became two companiesSimonson Builders, Inc., and Simonson Excavationin 1994. In 1996, we purchased property on Troy Road in Ashland and began construction of the current facility, bringing the management team and employees from both Builders and Excavation under one roof.

In 2000, the companies began to transition to larger commercial, industrial, institutional, and design-build work. Bob saw the need for a succession plan and sold shares of Simonson Builders to Dan Moore and Jay Myers. The course was set: we had assembled a group of very smart, driven, talented people surrounded by first-rate facilities and equipment to make our move. We were ready to become serious commercial contractors.

As we continued to evolve, it made more sense for the two companies to become one, which happened in 2005, with the formation of Simonson Construction Services, Inc. In 2006, Dan Smith became a shareholder with a primary focus on the excavation division, and Dan Moore and Jay Myers managed the builders division. In 2016, Dustin Beattie and Shaw Rader became shareholders of the company to help secure our future and build a solid succession plan going forward.

For over 45 years, we haven’t backed down from our commitment to success, respect, and integrity.  Not only do we provide quality and timely services to our customers, but support to the community that has stood behind us throughout our history. We’ve established a number of traditions over the years, including the Annual Fish Fry, the Annual Golf Outing, the Annual Touch-A-Truck Event for families, and Christmas donations to beloved community organizations.

Our team at Simonson Construction has served our community for decades and will continue to do so for many years to come!

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