The knowledge and professionalism of the office staff, construction workers, job foremen, and project managers makes building hassle free.

Andy Harpster - Director of Development
Brethren Care, Inc.

As a long-term customer of Simonson Construction Services, Inc., I am constantly impressed with their efforts as a company to make the construction process, from design to completion, incredibly smooth and painless while providing us with top-notch professional service and competitive pricing. It is a true pleasure to do business with Simonson Construction Services, Inc.

Dave Wurster - Owner
BookMasters, Inc.
Ashland, Ohio

I want to take a moment to thank you and your entire staff for the experience we have enjoyed recently. Normally you would not expect to enjoy the experience of adding on to an office building because of all the distractions, noise and stress of such an endeavor.

Having talked to many of your past customers, I have always heard only good things about Simonson’s abilities and attention to detail. As our project nears completion, I can attest to our satisfaction. I have never worried about the project and it is without a doubt because of the quality of the Simonson employees. Everyone seemed more concern about our business and it’s operation during construction than even we did.

You made it easy for us. If a mistake was made, you fixed it before I had an opportunity to even comment on it. Your review of the quality of workmanship is just amazing. Thank you for the care you have given us.

Rick Spreng - President
Spreng Smith Agency

The fact that Simonson Construction was able to deliver the bidding and construction phase of this project in such a short time period is nothing short of amazing. Not only was the project delivered on the originally scheduled date, it was done so under budget and despite several significant changes.

Patrick Ewing - Vice President of Facilities
Ashland University

My experience with the Simonson crew was great! From start to finish, their high standard of professionalism was maintained. The project manager took me step by step of what, where, how, and who will be part of the project. On a scale of 0 to 10, with ten being the highest, I will give them a perfect 10!

Evelyn Torski
Ashland, Ohio

Living in the National Historic District on Center Street in Ashland, Simonson Construction Services, Inc. has helped us build a carriage house in keeping with our home and helped us to restore a property adjacent to our home, thus giving our neighborhood a new look. Simonson’s expertise and guidance on both projects has been wonderful. They listen to your ideas and implement them. The entire Simonson crew has been wonderful to work with on both of our projects.

Our projects were small compared to many that you do, but we are glad that you have time for small projects as well as the massive ones that you also do.

Roger & Phyllis Primm - Owner
Denbow-Primm-Kemery Funeral Home
Ashland, Ohio

Simonson Construction Services has earned my loyalty over the past 30 years by always living up to their commitments and demonstrating integrity. Most of all, I appreciate the hard working, skill full professional in the organization.

Tom & Trish Zupan - Owner
Whirlaway Corporation
Ashland, Ohio

Quality construction. The Simonson team is uniquely adept at providing elegant solutions to unforeseen and unexpected issues.

Rob Flake
Medina, Ohio

Simonson Construction has done a couple of projects for us at the College of Wooster and we are very pleased with their quality, attention to detail and cleanliness.

Stan Starr - Project Manager
College of Wooster

Their work as general contractors for the Arial Arena on the campus of Mount Vernon Nazarene University was consistently top notch. Simonson employees were knowledgeable, skilled, and competent in their respective trades.

Denny Taylor - Senior Director of Facilities Operations
Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Simonson Construction Services has been a long valued partner in managing and construction various projects at Ashland University. Once again, they have proven their ability to produce consistently high quality while working within the ever changing and demanding environment of higher education.

Patrick Ewing - Vice President of Facilities
Ashland University

In addition to Simonson's ability to meet aggressive timelines and provide a quality product, their willingness to adapt to various contract styles and bidding approaches makes them a valuable ally when trying to continuously decrease capital improvement costs.

Todd Coyle - Restructuring Project Manager
General Electric - Bucyrus Lamp Plant

Our experience working with the entire Simonson team was extremely professional. They were engaged and attentive to the details of our project.

Zane Gross, Jr. - President
Wenco, Dba. Wendy's

Simonson Construction Services has proven they are good stewards of an owners' money and are able to steadfastly adhere to strict constraints and schedules. They exceeded every expectation I envisioned regarding the quality of work performed.

Denny Taylor - Senior Director of Facilities Operations
Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Simonson's commitment to excellence in construction began in the planning and estimating stages, and continued long past the day that the keys were officially handed over.

Majors Larry and JoAnn Shade - Corps Officers
The Salvation Army - Ashland

Their knowledge and timely communication helped us maneuver through challenges and changes along the way, which are inevitable in projects of this magnitude.

Mike Donofrio - General Manager
Novatex North America, Inc.

Simonson Construction's ability to successfully develop a project budget (GMP) early on and then work toward executing within that budget throughout design and construction was very valuable to our project success.

Gregory D. Graves - President
Norwalk Precast Molds, Inc.

Throughout the entire project, Simonson and their subcontractors have performed many high risk activities safely, with no interruptions to our factory schedule. Having a contractor that works safe and follows our safety polities is of utmost importance to me as a Project Manager.

Todd Coyle - Restructuring Project Manager
General Electric - Bucyrus Lamp Plant

The final product exceeded our expectations from quality of workmanship and overall professional appearance. The Simonson Team was attentive and diligent about managing Cost Controls, Scheduling Management, Quality Control and Safety on the construction site.

Zane Gross, Jr. - President
Wenco, Dba. Wendy's

Simonson has been chosen over the years because of their people and professionalism from top to bottom. The project management including communication on each project, quality and timeliness of work, condition of equipment, and attention to detail has always met or exceeded our expectations. Their job sites are well managed and safe. All that for a fair value!

That is why we choose to do business with Simonson Construction Services!

Eric A. Gillett - Chief Executive Officer
Sutton Bank

Over many years, Simonson Construction Services, Inc. has built multiple plant additions for Johnson Bros. Rubber Company at both of our plant locations. In addition, they have constructed buildings for our personal use, done concrete work, grading, lake construction, etc. In every instance, superior quality has been the result. The entire organization, starting from the top, is professional, easy to work with, honest and dependable. Every experience with Simonson's has been enjoyable.

Eric Vail - Vice President
Johnson Brothers Rubber Company

The management team and field personnel at Simonson Construction Services, Inc. are very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. They have worked on a wide range of projects for us, across multiple disciplines. Our projects have always been completed on time and within the confines of our budget. For the above reasons, I highly recommend that Simonson Construction Services, Inc. be considered for any project within their scope of services as they serve their clients very well.

Shane Kremser, PE, RBO
City of Ashland Engineer

I'm always glad when they (Simonson's) get a job because it's always quality work.

The late Jim Cooper
City of Ashland Engineer

The crew of Simonson Construction were professional and committed to finishing the job in a timely manner. The quality of the work was outstanding and Simonson was committed to making sure we were satisfied with every aspect of the job!

Hank Kruezman - Dean for Curriculum & Academic Engagement
The College of Wooster

Simonson Construction Services, Inc. has enhanced the quality of life in Ashland County by demonstrating leadership in volunteerism, energy, creativity, and philanthropy, and we note with pride that it is due to the unsurpassed commitment of establishments such as this that Ohio remains responsive to the diverse needs of its communities.

Senator Keith Faber
President of the Ohio Senate

.....another great example of your firm doing an excellent job. Their attention to detail and customer service are second to none!!! Please thank the folks that worked on this project for me.

Douglas E Laditka - Associate Vice President for Facilities Management & Development
College of Wooster

The crew from Simonson who worked in Scheide were extremely polite, conscientious workers who were respectful of our needs and willing to answer any questions I had about the project. I was really surprised to see them sweeping up the mess they had made in the recital hall today before they left! Thanks for bringing in a good crew for this job!

Donna Reed - Music Department
College of Wooster

Simonson completed their work on the project with professionalism and integrity. Their commitment to timely, quality installation has been an integral part of the overall project success.

Andy Lorson
Domokur Architects

We would like to express our appreciation for the work you performed here. You should be very proud of the Simonson crew. Your crew was very professional and conscientious about working around us and cleaning up after themselves.

Walt Burd
Centerra Co-Op (Ashland)

Simonson Construction Services provided us with exceptional service. The team on-site was very accommodating to our residents. They were always respectful and kind.

ShaNa Benner - Director of Resident Services
LSS Lutheran Village Assisted Living
Ashland, Oh

You guys do such incredible work! It's beautiful. I've been on many of your jobsites and I can tell you guys really pay attention to detail. All the way down to the way you strive to keep a clean and organized work area.

Garrett Hall
Ashland, Ohio
Jones Rental

I was very impressed with our 270-foot boardwalk that was constructed over a swamp at Audubon Wetlands. The construction was completed on time in less than 2 months with great workmanship and organization.

Stephanie Featheringill - Director
Ashland County Park District
Ashland, Oh

I just wanted to say that the guys did just an amazing job! We couldn't be more pleased. All your guys are amazing to work with.

Dianne Vail
Shiloh, Ohio

I would like to personally thank you for the work your team did here at Westfield Bank in Medina. Ron and his crew are top notch! They were very kind and courteous throughout the entire process. They were very considerate of us remaining open to customers throughout the entire project and they were very kind to us and the customers. Many times, we found members of our team working side by side with them in the construction area and they were more than willing to be quiet or move if they were causing any sort of noise. They became like one of our team, and will be very missed. We just wanted to make sure you knew how extremely happy we were here in the branch with Ron and Brad.
Thank you all so much for a beautiful branch!

Tiffany Cherry - Universal Banker III
Westfield Bank
Medina, Oh

As a builder of our project, you guys were spot on from start to finish. You performed as promised from the original cost quote down to the hanging of the restroom towel dispensers. The project manager did a great job keeping the flow going with good solid communications. We all finished this job with a smile and I can say I personally made some new friends. You are a FIVE STAR BUILDER. Yes, I would do it again!

Edward Kuchar, Sr. , CEO
Plastic Process Equipment, Inc. / Project: St. Michael's Community Church

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