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The Physics Behind Staying “On Time, On Budget”

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It’s easy for construction companies to say they will finish projects on time and on budget, but the proof is in the pudding. There’s a lot that needs to be done in order to make sure projects actually run on time and according to budget. Simonson has established routine practices to keep this value front and center. Here’s how you can trust that we’ll hold to this promise:

The “Why” Leads the Way

A project is always more than bricks and mortar. Even though our primary task is to build our customers a building, we are keenly aware of our customers’ greater objective, which is ultimately not about the building itself but the work that is going to be accomplished in that space. There’s a reason and a mission behind every organization, which fuels the purpose of our projects.

Company Culture & Worksite Rapport

Unlike other large construction companies, Simonson strives to do a lot of our work without relying on subcontractors. This in-house emphasis gives our team a lot more control over timelines, quality of craftsmanship, and budgets. When we do partner with area subcontractors, their crews are always cued in on project status and expectations.

No matter who is on the jobsite, the crew rapport is strengthened through constant communication between the project manager, subcontractors, and the job site superintendent. When the leaders of the job are all on the same page, the rest of the crew feels it and knows exactly what is expected of them.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Technology makes all of our lives easier and more efficient, and that extends to the jobsite. Simonson employs the latest technology for project management and electronic takeoff software, providing accurate cost estimates and imagery to outline total cost and execute the job efficiently.

Simonson uses equipment that is equipped with GPS, which allows our crews to operate quickly and efficiently. When the dozer or excavator “knows” the plan, it knows exactly where to cut, fill, dig, and so on, reducing human error and increasing project precision.

Employee Training and Certification

An organization is only as good as its people. Without highly skilled and qualified employees who care deeply about their work, Simonson wouldn’t exist. Craft training is provided for a wide range of
disciplines. In addition to industry specific training, all of our crews have OSHA ten-hour training, and supervisors have taken the 30-hour training. All of our employees are CPR certified. Members of our management team hold LEED certification and Design-Build Certified Professional (DBIA) status.

Established Relationships with Subcontractors, Inspectors, and Community

Simonson’s long history in Ashland County and the surrounding North Central Ohio areas, like Wooster and Medina, means that we’ve been working with the same subcontractors, inspectors, and community leaders for decades. These established relationships mean mutual understanding, collaboration, and shared expectations. We are up to speed on and have established relationships with code and enforcement entities and permit authorities, so that there aren’t any surprises when inspections and final walk-throughs take place.

Project Tailoring to Customer Needs

Sometimes a project has unique needs and expectations that don’t fit the mold of a standard job. Simonson is equipped to track and tailor our operations to meet accounting and contract delivery methods when they deviate from the norm, so that you have everything you need to meet the requirements of your organization.

These are the building blocks that make up our “on time, on budget” promise. Keeping these principles front and center, our teams are able to complete projects with professionalism and excellence, according to our client’s parameters and expectations.

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