Our Process

Simonson Construction advocates three primary delivery methods for completing a building project. Our flexibility of services allows us to tailor a solution that fits your needs. We can and will deliver a superior experience from concept to completion. 


In this scenario, there is a single source of responsibility for the entire project (you won’t be dealing with multiple vendors or management teams). This delivery method allows our management, design and construction teams to work on the same page and with a single point of contact for project synergy. It is an effective and efficient way to proceed with a construction project that generates significant cost benefits.

Construction Management.

In this role, we act as your exclusive consultant throughout the course of the building project. In concert with your chosen architect, we plan, coordinate, and control the project on your behalf. Construction management at-risk services are another option that shifts the contractual obligations to us as well. This is another delivery method that eases the stress and risk of what is possibly the biggest investment of your life or career.

General Contracting.

If your vision has already been designed and documented, we can bring it to reality. Our team at Simonson can offer input into how the drawings translate into actual building costs, as well as help you control costs by offering our  breadth of industry insight into managing and constructing building projects. Our skilled craftsmen and experienced managers are the best in the business. They take great pride in making you proud of your completed project.


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