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Simonson Construction highly values our relationships with our customers. To foster that relationship, our design-build and construction management services are geared to simplify a complex process for our customers and to help make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. 

To get started with your building project, contact Simonson Construction and schedule an initial consultation. To help us get familiar with your project needs and provide you with an accurate proposal for deadlines, services and terms,  we recommend that you get your team together and think through these factors prior to the scheduled meeting: 


You should have in mind certain basic requirements like square footage, features and design components. What is your overall goal for building? Is your manufacturing cramped and inefficient? Do you need more office space? Are you lacking conference rooms? Do you need advanced technology upgrades?  


It’s also helpful to have a general schedule in mind for the project’s completion date. Do you have looming deadlines that are fixed? Are there certain manufacturing processes that need to be in place or other commitments that are firm?



This may be a more difficult component to estimate, but in some cases, organizations have a strict budget within which they need to work. Talk with your team to determine a comfortable budget. Knowing the cost can help us better guide our discussion when we meet.


You can come to Simonson with land already purchased, and we’ll help you with construction management or design-build services. If you don’t have land, we can assist with finding land ideally suited and located for your project’s needs.


If you don’t have all the answers to questions about land, budget, schedule and vision, the Simonson Construction team can walk you through the process of developing goals for your building project, defining a schedule and budget, and sourcing land.

Give us a call when you’re ready to sit down and make your project a reality.

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